Croydon’s Interfaith Bike Ride – A UK First?

Croydon Interfaith Ride

Sunday afternoon saw what could well be a UK first in cycling terms – an Interfaith Bike Ride. Taking in some of Croydon’s prominent faith venues, riders from all sections of Croydon’s diverse community came together to cycle between the various places of Worship whilst learning a bit about  each place on the way round.

The ride was led by experienced Cycle Instructors (who by the way you can book for free cycle skills sessions if you live or work in Croydon) and quickly filled up it’s 25 allotted spaces.

Great feedback came from the event with the following from Shujah Iqbal


Well done to lovely diverse peeps who came together on this interesting and utterly unique bicycle ride through the Cronx. Thought provoking ideas and traditions were shared at places of worship and friends made along the way. Minds and horizons expanded, community life in croydon affirmed.
Humbled by the amazing hospitality shown to us and spoiled with plentiful refreshments and tasty treats at all the visits.
Finally, the tour was met by a large enthusiastic welcome committee at park hill park shared a Big picnic, we were congratulated by the Mayor of Croydon and some even played spot of cricket! Bravo!

Whether religious or not, we always find common ground with people on a bike ride, it’s one of life’s great levellers. You soon realise how we are all the same when you’re all rolling along with a grin on your face or huffing and puffing collectively up a hill.

Here’s hoping Croydon Council do a repeat of this next year and are able to increase the numbers so even more people can come together.


  • Mayura Patel

    It was just amazing to ride my bike on the road after 37 years!!!! I was so ill 3 days before and still not fully recovered but surrounded with lots of lovely people and yummy hot food I just did it. Of course didn’t go on the whole track but still it was fantastic. We will repeat this again definitely.

    Mayura Patel
    Hindu Representative
    Faiths Together in Croydon

  • Usaamah Hassan

    This is my first time I’ve ever participated in a bike ride. It was a great experience and I really enjoyed it. People from many different faiths took part and it was an honour to be amongst them. Everyone was so warm and welcoming. From my point of view it was a great success.

    Usaamah Hassan

  • admin

    Great to hear it was such a success!
    All we are hearing about this ride is positive feedback from all corners.

    If you’d like to start riding around Croydon a bit more remember the cycle instructors who were on the ride are also available for free cycle training sessions to take you out and help get you riding comfortably on local roads and cycle paths near you.

    Free cycle lessons in Croydon

  • huge well done and thanks to all for the excellent event FTiC put on today.
    Well done to Faiths together in Croydon’s committee for all the arranging of the bike ride and picnic. It was a great event and could not have taken place without the work of Mumtaz our Muslim rep who was chief organiser.
    Thank you to Rabbi Nathan, Dr Sharma and all the people in the places of worship who did the faith presentations. Thank you to Sunni and the Sikh contingent for their lovely food and also to others who brought food, all the leftovers were taken to a homeless shelter afterwards. Thanks to reps and family members who helped to set up the park and the gang who helped to get everything packed up again.
    Thank you to Mark and Monty and the other bike leaders for getting everyone safely round Croydon. Thanks too to Simon and Shujah who did such a lot of behind the scenes stuff and went out with the riders. And thank you to the Mayor of Croydon who came to join in the event. It was a great event that everyone seems to have thoroughly enjoyed.

  • Truly a worthwhile endeavour, to base this around a bike ride was a stroke of genius as it gave a great way to join us together and chance to get to know each other while peddling between places. The variety of genuine, loving and hospitable expressions of faith has given me much to reflect upon and much hope for deeper work together in the future. Thank you to all who came and all who organised. Peace.

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